Why Synergy


Synergy hypoallergenic hair products have been developed by a stylist with over 30 years salon experience and a long history of helping clients find the highest quality, health-conscious products. These efforts have led to this, the most comprehensive and advanced hypoallergenic formulas available.

Why is there a need for hypoallergenic products?

Multiple medical journals have found that chemical hypersensitivity can be found in 11.2% to 15.9% of the population. Additionally, 31.1% of Americans report adverse reaction to fragranced products.

Why Synergy Hypoallergenic Hair Care?

  • All Synergy products are free of parabens, color dyes and fragrances while maintaining quality hair care.
  • Synergy Silk is also gluten-free
  • Reduce your cancer risks by eliminating parabens from your hair care routine.
  • Reduce hypersensitivity to allergens that can stimulate the immune system.
  • Protect your long term health by reducing exposure to chemicals that can cause cancer, birth defects and reproductive problems.
  • Safe for children and infants and reduces chemical exposure that disrupt hormones during infancy and puberty.
  • Reduces chemical build up in babies by minimizing their chemical exposure

Commitment Statement

Our goal is to maintain the highest level of quality ingredients absent of cancer causing parabens, unwanted fragrances, and color dyes. We are committed to helping our gluten intolerant and multi-chemical sensitive clients reduce their exposure to the gluten and chemicals that effect their health and enjoyment of life.

We stand behind this commitment:

  • As a Member of the Multi-Chemical Sensitivity Organization.
  • As a Member of the Celiac Disease Foundation
  • As a Signer of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, for safer consumer health care products.
  • By only packaging our products in non-chemical leaching #2 HDPE bottles.
  • Through continued research and develop of new products with safety, health, and nature in mind