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Synergy hypoallergenic hair products have been developed by a stylist with over 30 years salon experience and a long history of helping clients find the highest quality, health-conscious products. These efforts have led to this, the most comprehensive and advanced hypoallergenic formulas available.

Why is there a need for hypoallergenic products?

Multiple medical journals have found that chemical hypersensitivity can be found in 11.2% to 15.9% of the population. Additionally, 31.1% of Americans report adverse reaction to fragranced products.

Why Synergy Hypoallergenic Hair Care?
  • All Synergy products are free of parabens, color dyes and fragrances while maintaining quality hair care.
  • Synergy Silk is also gluten-free
  • Reduce your cancer risks by eliminating parabens from your hair care routine.
  • Reduce hypersensitivity to allergens that can stimulate the immune system.
  • Protect your long term health by reducing exposure to chemicals that can cause cancer, birth defects and reproductive problems.
  • Safe for children and infants and reduces chemical exposure that disrupt hormones during infancy and puberty.
  • Reduces chemical build up in babies by minimizing their chemical exposure

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I've been useing this product for a while now, and I've noticed a dramatic change with my allergies. PLUS! It doesn't dry out my skin and make me itchy like other products. Synergy is my new favorite hair product, and I'm sure that won't change. Thank you so much for your genius formula! God speed my friend.

-Seamore Dink
I have only been using your products for 2 weeks now but I no longer have an itchy scalp. I also have allergies from fragrances so your fragrance free product is a great idea. Thanks
-Gene H.
Waconia, MN
I want to compliment you on your new Synergy line of hair care products. As you know I have exceptionally sensitive skin and cannot tolerate most sprays and gels. Your Synergy hair spray, howerver, is great! It presents no sensitivity issues, provides very good control, and leave my hair in great shape. Thank you!
-Guy C.
York, PA
Your products are the best! I have been searching for a fragrance free conditioner for some time, and I am completely satisfied with your conditioner. Thank you!
-Marsha C.
Over many years, I have developed some serious allergies which have led to irreversible lung damage. Therefore, I am careful to avoid products which can trigger asthmatic attacks or cause additional lung deterioration.

For the past six months I have the hypoallergenic Synergy Shampoo. It cleanses the hair beautifully and is even mild enough so that I even use it to cleanse my eyelashes without irritating my eyes! My eye doctor had recommended the eye treatment using a no tears baby shampoo, but i have found the Synergy to work better!
-Joanne W.
Harrisburg, PA
I really like your products, for once I am not allergic to hairspray
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