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Synergy Finish Spray as a Styling Gel

Synergy Finish Spray as a Styling Gel - 02/29/2012


Finishing spray is a unique product that has the versatility of being used as a holding product (hair spray) or a spray gel. Here’s how to use the finishing spray to style your hair:

As a holding product :
Hold bottle away from hair at least 12" and press firmly so that you get a finer mist.
As a spray gel:
Make sure hair is lightly towel dried to the point of being damp.
For your desired holding strength start with 3 pumps, one on the top of hair & one on each side of hair.
 Massage through with fingertips & proceed with styling.
Following these steps, you can take advantage of the versatility of finishing spray for great looking hair without the fragrance, color dyes or parabenes.